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Masterplus is published by the company Masterplus sàrl, whose head office is located at 7 rue de la fée Viviane, 35650 Le Rheu - France, registered in Rennes RCS, under the N° 503320897.
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The purpose of these general terms and conditions is to define the terms and conditions for the provision of a paying Mixing and Audio Mastering service via the internet. These general terms and conditions are supplemented or modified, where applicable, by specific terms and conditions of use specific to certain functionalities and certain means of access or payment.


A paid Mixing and Audio Mastering service via the internet is offered by the Company Masterplus sàrl to The User, subject to its unconditional acceptance of these general conditions.
The User declares and acknowledges having read all the terms of these general conditions. In addition, connection to any of the services offered on the site accessible at the address: (hereinafter Masterplus ) implies unreserved acceptance by The User of these general conditions.
The Company Masterplus sàrl reserves the right to modify at any time, in whole or in part, these general conditions. It is therefore up to The User to regularly consult the latest version of the general conditions displayed at the address /terms_of_service
The User is deemed to accept this latest version on each new connection to the site.
In the event of non-compliance by The User with these general conditions, the Company Masterplus sàrl reserves the right to refuse access to the service.


Masterplus allows The User to purchase an audio mixing and mastering service provided by the Company Masterplus sàrl on her/his production(s) and to retrieve them in the form of a download from her/his client area. Details of the services offered are published on the web page accessible at the address


As soon as the account is created by subscription and payment of services, The User is assigned a password and uses her/his e-mail address as his Identifier. Her/his username (e-mail address) and password allow her/him to access her/his client area.
Confidentiality of the identifier
The identifier is personal and confidential. It can only be changed at the request of The User or on the initiative of the Company Masterplus sàrl.
The User is solely and entirely responsible for the use of her/his identifier concerning her/him and undertakes to make every effort to keep her/his identifier secret and not to disclose it to anyone, in any form.
In case of loss or theft of the Identifier concerning her/him, The User is responsible for any harmful consequences of this loss or this theft, and must use, as soon as possible, the procedure allowing her/him to modify it, which can be consulted on the web page accessible at the address
Evidence Convention
The parties expressly agree that:
- the presence of an identification code validly identifies the author of a document or message and establishes the authenticity of the document or message,
- an electronic document containing an identification code is equivalent to a writing signed by the issuing person,
- the parties may avail themselves of the printing on paper of an electronic message from an electronic messaging software to prove the content of the exchanges they have regarding the execution of these general conditions.
Exchange of information
The User accepts the use of electronic messaging for the transmission of the information she/he requests concerning the conclusion or performance of the contract.


the Company Masterplus sàrl, required to process personal data, has declared Masterplus to the CNIL. The website is registered under N°1332190.
The collection of personal data does not make it possible to reveal, directly or indirectly, the ethnic origins, political, philosophical or religious opinions or trade union membership of individuals, nor data relating to the health or sex life of these.
The data concerning The User are collected and processed in a fair and lawful manner for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, without being further processed in a manner incompatible with these purposes, in a form allowing the identification of the data subjects for a period that does not exceed the duration necessary for the purposes for which they are collected and processed.
Personal data shall only be processed by a subcontractor or a person acting under the authority of the controller or of the subcontractor on instructions from the controller within the Company Masterplus sàrl.
Masterplus saves in the browser of The User several functional cookies and 1 third-party cookie only allowing traffic analysis of Masterplus. The list of cookies is accessible at the address
The User is informed by these general conditions that the personal data indicated as mandatory on the forms and collected within the framework of the service defined in article 2 of these general conditions are necessary for the use of this service, used only within the framework of this service and intended exclusively for the Company Masterplus sàrl, which takes the necessary precautions in order to preserve, as far as possible, the data security.
The User has the right to access and rectify this data, which he can exercise by logging into his account available at the address:
Third parties may also exercise their right of opposition by sending a message to this end to the address:


Network Operation
Given the specificities of the Internet network, the Company Masterplus sàrl does not offer any guarantee of continuity of service, being bound in this respect only by an obligation of means.
The responsibility of the Company Masterplus sàrl cannot be engaged in the event of damage related to the temporary impossibility of accessing one of the services offered by Masterplus .
Website update
All the information contained on Masterplus may be modified at any time, given the interactivity of the site, without this incurring the responsibility of the Company Masterplus sàrl.
Non-responsibility of the Company Masterplus sàrl and guarantees of The User
The Company Masterplus sàrl declines all responsibility for any damage or loss related to the use or inability to use Masterplus or its content, except as provided by the law. The Company Masterplus sàrl also does not guarantee that the information presented is detailed, complete, verified or accurate.
The User declares that he is fully aware of the characteristics and constraints of the Internet.
The User undertakes to indemnify the Company Masterplus sàrl for the costs that the Company Masterplus sàrl should bear as a result of any claim or dispute, judicial or extrajudicial, related to the use of the services defined in article 2 hereof by The User and guarantees the Company Masterplus sàrl from any condemnation as such in the event of legal proceedings.
Limitation of liability
In any case, the liability of the Company Masterplus sàrl is limited to the amount of the price of the service used.


The User undertakes, when placing the first order, to provide all the information, in particular administrative information, necessary for her/his identification and qualification, with a view to opening an account.< br>The User must pay without delay the price of the services provided by the Company Masterplus sàrl, pay the price of any complementary or additional service that she/he may require in accordance with the terms of these general conditions and any special conditions.
In general, The User undertakes to:
- respect the legal, regulatory, conventional requirements as well as the uses and professional practices to which it is subject;
- respect in particular all the legal and regulatory requirements relating to data processing, files and freedoms, and, to this end, to make any request for authorization or any useful declaration of automated processing to the National Commission of the 'Informatique et des Libertés (C.N.I.L.) or any administrative authority that would replace it;
- not to submit, copy, resell or make available in any form whatsoever any information received from the Company Masterplus sàrl to another natural or legal person.


In the event of non-performance by The User of one of the obligations provided for in these general conditions, the Company Masterplus sàrl may, after sending an electronic message of formal notice to respect the terms of these general conditions remained without effect for 72 hours from the sending of the electronic message, to refuse her/him access to the service, without the latter being able to claim any refund or reduction of the price in this capacity.


Service prices
Prices can be viewed on the page accessible at:
They are inclusive of all taxes and are payable in Euros.
Rates may be modified, in particular depending on the evolution of the network, technology and legal constraints.
Payment methods
For French users, services are payable by check, by bank transfer and online by credit or debit card.
For non-French users, services are payable by bank transfer and online by credit or debit card.
The contract binding the Company Masterplus sàrl to The User only takes effect after full payment for the chosen service, the date of payment being fixed:
- on the date of receipt of the means of payment in the event of payment by check;
- on the date of receipt of payment in case of bank transfer;
- on the date of payment in the event of online payment by credit or debit card, it being specified that The User who pays online is responsible for the costs related to his connection to access the site.
Services cannot begin before payment for the service.
The User may, when she/he is not satisfied with the first delivery of the audio file(s), exercise her/his right of opposition and claim as of right that the service be completely redone, within the limit of 1 complaint. Masterplus sàrl undertakes to carry out the revision(s) within a maximum period of 15 working days following the date of receipt of the complaint.
Terms of Sale
All our invoices are payable in cash.
In the event of non-payment in cash, the debtor will be due interest of 10% per month from the date of the invoice and without prior notice.


All rights, economic and moral, of intellectual property relating to the content and information elements of Masterplus belong to the Company Masterplus sàrl, subject to any property rights that may belong to a third party and for which the Company Masterplus sàrl has obtained the necessary assignments of rights or authorizations.
The rights granted to The User for the use of Masterplus and the services provided by the Company Masterplus sàrl do not no assignment or authorization to exploit or use any of the elements of Masterplus.


The relations that are established between the Company Masterplus sàrl and The User, governed in particular by these general conditions, are subject to French law, to the exclusion of any other state legislation. In the event of drafting of these general conditions in several languages ​​or of translation, only the French version shall prevail.

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