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In partnership with 360 Music Paris studios (Julien Collier, Zaki Moudres, Arthur Lehrmann and Gims) we offer you a Dolby Atmos mixing service. Fruit of the collaboration between Julien Courtois, Julien Collier and the Focal France team, we can respond to any type of request for immersive audio mixing but also satisfy all the criteria necessary for the distribution of your productions on streaming platforms such as as Apple Music, Amazon Music or Tidal. The Studio and its technical tools have been validated by Dolby France.
The arrival of Dolby Atmos is a bit like when recorded music went from Mono to Stereo format or when film production went from black and white to color! Being able to create a mix in a 3-dimensional space offers sound engineers and artists the possibility of completely rethinking the way of producing music. The power of Dolby Atmos also comes from the portability of this format since it is able to adapt to the system that broadcasts it (2.0, 5.1, 7.1.4 etc...) but also to be listened to in its binaural version from classic headphones or even from the latest generation wireless headphones such as Air Pods.

Dolby Atmos mixing in urban music (rap, hip-hop and Rnb)

Julien Courtois, sound engineer specializing in Dolby Atmos mixing within the 360 ​​Music studios, had the chance and the privilege of producing nearly a hundred songs in this new format. He participated, in collaboration with the production teams, in the development of new techniques aimed at making the most of the possibilities offered by immersive audio while preserving as much as possible the sound signature of a Stereo mix. . For the moment, there are only technical standards, for the creative and artistic side everything remains to be invented!


  • GIMS | LDVM | Gold Record
  • Dadju | Cullinan | Gold Record
  • Dadju | Toko Toko feat. Ronisia | Platinum Record
  • Franglish | Vibe (Mood 2 edition) | Gold Record

Dolby Atmos Mixs in Binaural format - Listen only with headphones

Technical steps of audio mixing in Dolby Atmos format

Placement of the different tracks in three-dimensional space

With Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 format, our sound engineer places the different elements of your mix (Drums, Vocal, etc.) in a virtual room. Front, sides, back, ceiling. It is possible to precisely target a loudspeaker, to overflow the sound on several loudspeakers or even to automate a movement in all or part of the room based on the tempo.


As in a classic Stereo mix, each track is equalized. The Dolby Atmos mixing being 100% digital, plugins emulating vintage analog equalizers are preferred.


Dolby Atmos output level is standardized and therefore puts an end to the Loudness war once and for all. However, this does not in any way prevent an artistic approach to compression (Glue, Smash) in order to preserve this sensation which most of the time constitutes the central pillar of a good Stereo Mix.

Adding effects (Reverb, delay)

It is on this part that mixing in immersive audio takes on a new dimension by extending the field of possibilities compared to Stereo mixing and by leaving the door open to the creation of effects of a totally new kind. With effect plugins offering up to 10 processing channels, each channel can be configured and automated in 3D space.


Responding to complex specifications in terms of levels and dynamics, the Dolby Atmos format must be precisely calibrated so that it can be validated and distributed by various majors and streaming platforms.

2 solutions to mix your track in Dolby Atmos

Mixing from mixed Stems

Offering many advantages this technique allows our sound engineer to import a mix produced in Stereo into the Atmos playground. If the mix was done via analog gear, this also helps to retain the grain of the mix in 3D space. It therefore gives very good results but all the same has the disadvantage of limiting movements of some tracks in the virtual room. To achieve the greatest possible immersion, please include in the Stems the wet exports of reverbs and delays that are prominent in the Stereo mix. This service is limited to 24 stems (mixed) to be provided to us in 48 kHz format | 24bit.

Starting from 199€

Mixing from raw tracks

An approach similar to a Stereo mix is ​​carried out initially but in the multichannel domain. The sound engineer adds his sound signature to your production thanks to his different techniques and recipes. Then comes the step of exploiting 100% of the Dolby Atmos potential by placing and automating the movement of all tracks in three-dimensional space. Finally, effects, only possible in immersive audio, are added to give a whole new dimension to your track in order to offer a new kind of sound experience to your listeners. You provide us with your raw tracks in 48 kHz | 24bit and we take care of everything ;-)

Starting from 799€

Try Before You Commit

For the sake of transparency and for artists and labels who do not know us yet, we offer you the possibility to test on one of your tracks the quality of the Dolby Atmos mixes produced by our sound engineer, Julien Courtois. The test will have a duration representing approximately 3/4 of your track. Thanks to our Fidbak tool, you can easily exchange with Julien on the technical aspects.

Send my audio tracks and test the Dolby Atmos mixing service


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  • Manley Massive Passive
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  • Classé Audio CA-2200
  • Bowers & Wilkins 801D
  • Ecosse speaker cables
  • Monster Power HTS-5100
  • Monster Studio Pro analog cables
  • Prism Sound ADA-8XR
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