Free Test

Are you currently looking for a sound engineer to mix or master your productions and haven't made your choice yet? No problemo! We offer you the opportunity to test Julien Courtois' know-how for free on part of one of your tracks.Before sending files, check that they meet the following specifications:
  • No mp3... thanks!
  • Sample rate and bit depth: 44.1kHz | 24bit Minimum.
  • Dynamic: files must not exceed -1 dB True peak and must not have undergone excessive compression. If this is a Mastering test, try to get an Integrated Loudness value between -14 and -20 LUFS when exporting your mix.
  • For a Mix or Stems Mastering test, please Zip all your files.
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7 rue de la fée Viviane
35650 Le Rheu

+33 977 482 259
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