Julien Courtois - Mastering Engineer
Julien Courtois Mixing & mastering engineer

Before being a mastering and mixing engineer, Julien was a musician, keyboard player and a "machine hacker". He started practicing music through the piano, music theory ... then started playing in several bands and became a professional musician. This is how he spent a few years traveling the roads of France, creating tracks and recording albums.

After this period he wanted to use all the experience he had gained as a musician "who knows well the studio", the musical arrangement, and turned to recording. He opened a small studio in the countryside where he was a multi-faceted engineer: recording, mixing and mastering were done in the same place in a very short time. It was during this period he perfected his technical approach to recording.

His passion for high-end Hi-Fi systems and this knowledge acquired for several years push him naturally towards mixing and mastering. Bring a new and objective listening on a project, give technical advices, use a fine mix of analog and digital devices to create a "varnish" is now part of his everyday life. It is this atypical course that makes him an engineer apart, appreciated for his musical and friendly approach but also for his pragmatic and technical side.

Julien is also passionate about new technologies and the internet. In 2008, he participated in the creation of the first professional online mastering system in France, including a customer area and a secure shop. In 2017, he coded the first high-definition streaming audio player, Fidbak (https://fidbak.audio), which simplify sharings and relationships between artists, sound engineers and music labels.

Since the opening of masterplus, he participated in the production of more than 20,000 tracks, some have become hits, broadcast on television and radio stations in France and around the world

Kungs - This Girl: Diamond Record (35x) - Over a Billion Streams
Klingande - Jubel: Platinum Record (24x)
Keen'V - J'aimerais trop: Gold Record
Keen'V - Carpe Diem: Platinum Record
Keen'V - La Vie est Belle: Platinum Record

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Nouvelle Vague, Keen'v, Dj Snake, Kungs, Klingande, Sunrise Inc., Tuna, Lexicon, Tyrese, Toxic Avenger, Orelsan, Make The Girl Dance, Nasser, Namor, Soprano, El Matador, Youssoupha, Makassy, Collectif Métissé, Juveniles, Neïman, Sizzla, Bel-Mondo, Jeremy Hills, The Nycer, Jil is Lucky, Oldelaf, The Dancers, Golden Crew, Lena Cortes, Papa London, Dr Flake, Deeci, Greg Kozo, Bel Air, Mr King Size, LJ, Boulbar, Komy, Bow Low, Luciole, Ethan Ash, Stealing Signs, Thank Pablo, Kokomo, Moongaï, Gomina, Ewen & l'Atelier Clandestin, Duel, All If, Meridianu, PJ5, Barbershop, Sangria Gratuite, SilvR., Les Jumo, Maradja, Arone Clein, Matush, Doze, Corou de Berra, Wankin' Noodles, Success, The Popopopops, El Mati, Oli & Mood, Hipsticks & Matjazz, John Banzaï, Bizern, Marlu, Kid Bombardos, 7 Questions, Vedenta, Djak, Lyre le temps, Micromattic, Alan Waves, Kelias, Djos, Elias B, Kick Blast, X Makeena, Nouvel R, Mei Tei Sho, Lucas Reyes, Mohamed Cherabi, Crossingate, Free Launch, Sebastien Szade & Eddine B, Rémi Boubal, Faken, Hatim H-Kayne, Kousi, Art District, Honey Tower, Pierre Pascual, Figure of 8, Piktogram, Roy Music, Warner Music, Universal Music, Sober & Gentle, BCBA.

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